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The Art of Kent Wilkens


                             "Harbour Past"                            250 s/n
A historical perspective of the harbour about 1920 showing the time when fishing tugs were the main source of income,
and this particular piece catches it when they have just begun experimenting with the "turtle" which makes the Great Lakes fishing tugs so unique.

Image Size   12"x26"         on paper unframed $230

                                         on canvas unframed $290

Framed Size 22"x36"             on paper framed $520

Framed Size 22"x36"           on canvas framed $520

MS Normac

  "The Normac"       250 s/n

Image Size   9"x12"                         unframed $100

                                                        on canvas $135

Framed Size 18"x21"                          framed $245

                                                 framed canvas $245

The Normac was built in 1902 in Port Huron, Michigan. In 1930 it was bought by the Owen Sound Transportation company
and for its first years it ran from Owen Sound up into the North Channel. In 1932 it was switched to run a ferry service from
Tobermory to South Baymouth. The Normac was the first car ferry from the Bruce to Manitoulin and carried between 8 and 10 vehicles.
This scene shows it coming into the outer harbour at Tobermory passing North Point.


  "The Norgoma"       250 s/n

Image Size   9"x12"                         unframed $100

                                                        on canvas $135

Framed Size 18"x21"                          framed $245

                                                 framed canvas $245

The Norgoma was built in 1950 and spent its first 14 years on the North Channel run from Owen Sound to Sault Ste. Marie.
With the opening of the Trans Canada Highway and the road into Killarney, the MS Norgoma was no longer needed to supply the communities on the North Shore.
In 1964 it was moved to replace the MS Normac on the run from Tobermory to Manitoulin along with the Norisle. In 1974  they were both replaced by the ChiCheemaun.

   "The South American"       250 s/n

The North & South American were passengers ships that cruised the Great Lakes for decades.

The South American was launched in 1914 and sailed until 1967.

The view is of the Bluewater Bridge with the Thomas Edison Depot at the base of the bridge as it was in the 1960's.

A piece of history that will bring back memories for many.

Image Size   12"x24"                                                           unframed $200

                                                                                   giclee on canvas $275

Framed Size 22"x34"                                                   framed canvas $490

Image Size   18"x36"                                                           on canvas $450

Framed Size 28"x46"                                                    framed canvas $780

Pioneer Autumn

                "Pioneer Autumn"       250 s/n

Image Size   9"x12"                         unframed $100

                                                        on canvas $135

Framed Size 18"x21"                          framed $245

                                                 framed canvas $245

One of the original homesteads in Tobermory, having been both the Belrose and Adams family residence for decades,

it now stands next to the museum on Hwy #6.

                     "Tobermory Past"             250 s/n

A quiet and peaceful view of Little Tub Harbour early in the century.

Image Size   12"x16"                    unframed $1070

Framed Size 21"x25"                       framed $1170

*** Edition SOLD OUT ***

                                           "Fishermans Wharf"                                 250 s/n

Representing the time period on the great lakes when sail was still the principal

means of movement for the fishermen, but the steam tugs are beginning to make their presence felt.

Image Size   12"x26"                                                                  unframed $1060

                                                                                                  on canvas $1120

Framed Size 21"x35"                                                                      framed $1275

                                                                                           framed canvas $1275

*** Edition SOLD OUT ***

                                   "Flowerpot Light"                       250 s/n

The original lighthouse at Flowerpot Island with Lloyd Smith's "Penguin" accent the beautiful colour and

expanse of Georgian Bay in the 1960's.

Image Size   17"x34"                                                          unframed $290

Framed Size 28"x44"                                                              framed $680

                                       "Lion's Head"         250 s/n

The old fish shed with the Lion's Head in the background.

Image Size   10"x14"              unframed $295

Framed Size 19"x23"                 framed $475

*** Edition very low ***

"Settler Spring"                    250 s/n

Image Size   9"x12"      unframed $480

Framed Size 15"x18"       framed $560

Framed Size 18"x21"     framed $580

*** Edition SOLD OUT ***

                                                     "The Norisle"                                           250 s/n

One of the early ferries running from Tobermory to South Baymouth, the Norisle provided many memories

for passengers between 1946 and 1974.

Image Size   18"x24"                                                         paper unframed $260

Framed Size 27"x33"                                          paper framed under glass $599

                                     "The Homestead"                  250 s/n

A typical rural Ontario homestead, this one still stands in the village of Tobermory, with the same

century old Peonies lining the path to the front door.

Image Size   14"x22"                                                      unframed $240

                                                                                       on canvas $290

Framed Size 24"x32"                                                         framed $520

                                                                                framed canvas $520

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