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Commanding View

"Commanding View"
An inspiring view of Mt. Sinai from Jebel Katrina, 6 kilometers to the west. The artist and his 2nd oldest daughter travelled there
in 2009 to climb 4 mountains in 4 days. This view was accessed through a deep steep valley climing thousands of feet above the
valley floor. The ascent and descent was a total of 32 hours from one supply point to the next, the chief difficulty being the
ability to pack enough water, food and gear for that time frame, no sherpas, no camels, all on your own back climbing
broken granite during the day in 35 degree Celcius heat. Most will agree the trip was worth the trouble.

Across the top is the Ten Commandments in ancient Hebrew with English across the bottom.

Open Edition Print

giclee canvas edition     9"x24"         $125

giclee canvas edition    12"x30"       $199

giclee canvas edition   14"x36"        $260

giclee canvas edition   15"x40"        $310

giclee canvas edition   18"x48"        $399

giclee canvas edition   22"x60"        $535

                             "Jerusalem"               250 s/n

The Old City of Jerusalem viewed from David's Tower, virtually unchanged in 1000 years.

Image Size   7"x14"                         unframed $105

Framed Size 15"x23"                           framed $245

                                      "Moses View"                     250 s/n

A very difficult painting to attempt in acrylics - thin washes - dry brush -

colour balance - very subtle tone shifts - and very dramatic ones -

all combine to make this awesome sunrise at Mt. Sinai

in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt one of his most compelling paintings.

Image Size   16"x20"                                       unframed $730

                                                                         on canvas $800

Framed Size 26"x30"                                       

                                                                 framed canvas $990

with refection control UV glass                         on paper $990

"Sea of Galilee"                    signed open edition

giclee canvas edition   9"x30"        $160

giclee canvas edition 12"x40"        $250

giclee canvas edition 14"x48"        $325

giclee canvas edition 18"x60"        $495

giclee canvas edition 24"x80"        $1295

mural text in English

mural text in Hebrew

mural text in Arabic

The artist painting the mural "Sea of Galilee" in the Chapel of the Good

Shepherd, Ramallah, Palestine. The mural is 34'4"x9'7". A smaller original

has been done (48"x14") from which the above print was taken.

Link to article on events in March 2002, Ramallah

Link to article on the artists adventures in Jan - March 1991 (Gulf War)

Link to Religious Studies

Link to Sabeel  Jerusalem (Palestinian Christian organization dedicated to finding a peaceful solution)

Israeli peace groups dedicated to a peaceful solution

IPCRI, The Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (Rabbis for Human Rights) (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions)

B'Tselem Human Rights Israel and Palestine

Gush Shalom

Link to Peace Now

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