The Shipwreck Collection

The Art of Kent Wilkens

"Avalon Voyageur"     50 s/n

                                                  on canvas unframed $200

  20"x24"                                       on canvas framed $280

The Avalon wrecked in 1980 in Cape Hurd channel.

Edition Sold Out

  "Scuba Queen"         50 s/n

Image Size   10"x14"                        unframed $135

                                                giclee on canvas $155

Framed Size 17"x21"                             framed $270

                                   framed  giclee on canvas $270

  "China"       50 s/n

A unique angle on a unique ship, the China, wrecked on China reef.

Image Size   12"x16"                       on canvas $190

Framed Size 19"x23"                           framed $350

Framed Size 21"x25"                framed canvas $370

ORDERING INFO        1-800-449-5921

prices are in Canadian dollars



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