2015 Releases


North Point Sunset     

                       "North Point Sunset"                250 s/n

The original is almost finished, projected completion is on or about the 4th of July, with prints available soon after that.

Image Size   9"x24"                                 unframed  on paper $140
                                                                unframed on Canvas $175

Framed Size 16"x31"                                                    framed $325

 Framed Size 19"x34"                                   on canvas  framed $345

Image Size   13"x34"                                 unframed  on paper $230

                                                                 unframed on Canvas $300

Framed Size 23"x44"                                                    framed $535

                                                                     on canvas  framed $535

Image Size 18"x48"                                    unframed on canvas $520

Framed Size 28"x58"                                      on canvas framed $860

Stunning layers of cloud and light.

The edition will be 250 in total, all sizes included, whether on paper or canvas

A Cottage View           
                 "A Cottage View"                250 s/n

Image Size   12"x18"         on paper unframed $150

                                          on canvas unframed $190

Framed Size 20"x26"            on canvas framed $325

Framed Size 22"x28"             on paper framed $325

Framed Size   22"x28"          on canvas framed $345

A cottage on Georgian Bay. Spectacular!

Cove Island (Snoopy)

                 "Cove Island"           250 s/n

Image Size   6"x9"                         unframed $70

                                                       on canvas $100

Framed Size 15"x18"                        framed $145

Framed Size   13"x16"      on canvas framed $175

A unique rockface on the east side of Cove Island. I was going to call it "snoopy" but deferred to my usual descriptive titles.

ORDERING INFO        KentWilkens@aol.com        1-800-449-5921

prices are in Canadian dollars



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